Nasdaq Data Link offers the following real-time products through a streaming API:

Nasdaq Basic
Nasdaq Last Sale+
Nasdaq TotalView
Nasdaq Consolidated Quotes and Trades
BX BBO and BX Last Sale
PSX BBO and PSX Last Sale
Nasdaq Canada Basic 
Global Index Data Service 
Nasdaq Smart Options 
Benzinga MarketNewswires 

The products Nasdaq Basic, Nasdaq Last Sale+, BX BBO and BX Last Sale, PSX BBO and PSX Last Sale, and Nasdaq Canada Basic are products of an exchange operated by Nasdaq Inc., and subject to oversight and regulation by a number of governmental organizations operating in different jurisdictions (e.g. SEC for the USA). These offerings are subject to such regulatory oversight, as well as the exchange rules and related policies of the exchange.

The products Nasdaq TotalView, Consolidated Quotes and Trades, Global Index Data Service, Smart Options, and Benzinga MarketNewswires are part of Nasdaq’s Investment Intelligence suite of products, designed to provide significant value to customers in making informed decisions. For Consolidated Quotes and Trades, and Smart Options, the underlying data is taken from NMS Plan Information.

Access Options and Authentication

The above products are available in the following ways:

  • Via Nasdaq Direct Data Feeds: Power platforms and applications by processing real-time and delayed data feeds direct from Nasdaq. For detailed technical documentation for Nasdaq direct products, please refer to the Market Data technical specifications page.

  • Via Data Providers: Nasdaq works with a trusted network of authorized market data distributors to provide both display devices and data feed products containing Nasdaq real-time data. Refer to the Market Data Vendors page for a complete list of companies.

  • Via Nasdaq Data Link: Data is made available through a Streaming API. This allows for effortless integration of data from disparate sources, and a dramatic reduction in time to market for customer-designed applications. To gain access to these products on Nasdaq Data Link, please contact our Sales Team. One of our Sales executives can help you start a trial, at which point we will send you the required credentials to access the data through the streaming API. Credentials include: client ID, client secret, token endpoint and bootstrap servers.  You can see instructions for using the Streaming API here, including more details on how to authenticate.