There are numerous trino clients available to connect to DataLink SQL. You can also reference the REST API specifications to build your own client/driver.

A package is a collection of functions, data and documentation that extends R's basic functionality.


USERYour DataLink API Key

Helpful Functions

  1. List all tables: SHOW TABLES
  2. Describe table: DESCRIBE
  3. Describe the plan for a query: EXPLAIN

Query Performance

  1. Trino uses a cursor based approach, documented here, to iteratively produce results for your query from the DataLink backend.
  2. Large partitioned DataTables have their underlying data split into partitions composed of a subset of columns. You can find out which columns are partitions in the "Column Definitions" section of the Data Product page on DataLink. The best query performance is possible when you include these partition columns in your WHERE and ORDER BY clauses. You can also describe the plan for a specific query using EXPLAIN to help you tailor more performant queries.
  3. For large partitioned DataTables, we cache partitions to provide better performance for commonly and repeatedly used blocks of data. This means while a query maybe slow the first time, subsequent requests of a similar nature should complete more quickly.