1. Download the executable file here.
  2. Please close Excel before installing the setup file.
  3. Follow the setup instructions once the .exe file starts to run.


For updating to Nasdaq Data Link Excel Windows Add-in v2.0, users are required to manually uninstall the previous version before installing the latest version. Below follow the below how-to steps.

  1. Pre-requisites

    1. Please ensure the .NET framework version is 4.6.1 or above. Need help with update? Check here.
    2. Recommended Windows Excel desktop version for optimal experience is 2019 and more recent.
  2. Uninstall Existing Add-in

    1. If you already have a previous version of Data Link Excel Windows Add-in installed, please go to Control Panel -> Uninstall -> NasdaqDataLink

    Note: The name of the previous program may vary based on your specific case

  3. Install

    1. Follow the instructions from the Installation section above and download the latest version of our add-in
    2. Upon launching Excel. Nasdaq Data Link will appear in the ribbon bar.


To use the add-in, you will need an API key, which comes with your free Nasdaq Data Link account. If you already have a Nasdaq Data Link account, you can find your API key in your account settings.

  1. Click the Nasdaq Data Link tab from the Excel Ribbon.
  2. Click Get Data.
  3. Log in with your API key.



You can also input your API key through the Settings button.


We encourage you to download our executable file from Nasdaq official websites. To further ensure the executables has not been altered or corrupted from the time of signing, you can follow the steps below to verify that the downloaded executable file is properly signed.

  1. Right click the file and select 'Properties'
  2. Navigate to the 'Digital Signatures' tab
  3. Double click on the Nasdaq Inc. signature in the list
  4. Click 'View Certificate'
  5. Navigate to the 'Details' tab
  6. Check if the thumbprint matches the following Nasdaq public key: