To explain the composition of a call, we will use the time-series dataset Federal Reserve Economic Dataset as an example. See product page at - this URL contains the product code for this dataset, which is FRED. On the product page, you will see that this product is made up of many individual time-series datasets, each one with their own code eg. the time-series for Natural Rate of Unemployment (Short-Term) has code FRED/NROUST, the time-series for Real Potential Gross Domestic Product has code FRED/GDPPOT and so on. These are the codes we will use in API calls.

The following call retrieves the first year of monthly settle prices for FRED GDP time-series data (FRED/GDP), which you can find on Nasdaq Data Link here, in CSV format:

curl ""

We can break down this request as follows:

URL COMPONENTEXPLANATION portion of the call queries the FRED/GDP time-series and returns the data in CSV format.
collapse=annualConverts the series to annual.
rows=6This truncates the results to include only the first six rows of data.
order=ascThis arranges the dates in ascending order.
column_index=1This parameter allows users to define just a single column to return, in this case column 1 (Value).
api_key=YOURAPIKEYThis part of the call authenticates you as a Nasdaq Data Link user. Replace the placeholder text <YOURAPIKEY> with your personal API Key.

The following is the output for our example call:


For a complete list of time-series parameters, click here.