Nasdaq Data Link offers many datasets in time-series format, which may be accessed through the REST API for time-series data. The time-series API gives you a choice of three formats (JSON/XML/CSV). These time-series datasets may also be used with the following Analysis Tools: Excel, Python, R. These time-series datasets are not real-time; most update once a day with a 1-day lag.

A time-series is a collection of observations or measurements taken over a period of time, generally in equal intervals. Time-series only contain numeric data types and are indexed by one date field. In other words, time-series data are always sortable by date.

Many of Nasdaq Data Link’s databases are stored as time-series because financial data generally consists of two types: dates and observations, which perfectly fit the time-series format.


To use the time-series API, you must have an API key for Nasdaq Data Link.

To get an API key, please sign up for a free Nasdaq Data Link account.

You can then find your API key on your account settings page.

You can see instructions for using the time-series API here. Note that you must append your API key to your requests using the api_key parameter: api_key=YOURAPIKEY