Your enterprise's firewall may block Quandl API calls. As a workaround, consider having your IT department add Quandl to a whitelist or create a proxy server.


‘Whitelisting’ is the use of anti-spam filtering software to allow only specified IP addresses to get through. Whitelist entries are globally allowed. After whitelisting Quandl’s server, access to our data would be uninterrupted despite any matching policies and visits would not be recorded for reports. Whitelisting is often performed by a dedicated IT department or agent within an enterprise.


To whitelist Quandl, provide your IT department with the following credentials:

Proxy Servers

Alternatively, your IT department may run a proxy server that acts as an intermediary. Instead of making API requests to Quandl directly, your data requests would be funneled through a proxy server that bridges between Quandl’s private IP-range and the internet.


To create a proxy server, ask your IT department for the following information:

  • URL
  • port
  • username
  • password

Input the above credentials into your R/Python code snippet.